Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Casablanca

No matter where you are traveling to your trip wouldn’t be enjoyable if you do not have comfortable accommodation. What is the first thing that you consider while choosing a hotel to stay in? The rooms, food, customer service, parking, or the additional facilities that include a cable TV connection, spas, fitness club, free parking, and indoor/outdoor swimming pool?

Well, you can find luxury hotels everywhere that provide their customers with all these facilities. But luxury hotels are too expensive. So, look for the moderate hotels so that you can save your money or spend it on the other stuff during your visit.

Choose a hotel according to your budget:

Have you ever heard about the biggest city of Morocco? Casablanca is the business and economic center of Morocco, where thousands come to get jobs and seek their fortune. It is one of the most important cities in Africa. Casablanca Morocco is quite famous among tourists, but when it comes to visiting Casablanca, most people exclude it from their plans. It is said that Casablanca is not too touristy.

The main tourist attractions in the city are the Hassan II mosque, the old medina, twin center, Moroccan Jewish Museum, etc. So, if you have any plans to visit Morocco, never skip the charismatic city Casablanca.

No matter what part of the world you are visiting, you need to make sure that you get the best accommodation to make your stay comfortable. Let’s check a list of cheap hotels in Casablanca if you want to visit the city on a budget:

  1. Hotel Al Mamoun, Casablanca:

Located in the heart of the white city hotel Al Mamoun has a traditional architecture. It is a three-star hotel that has thirty-six rooms with air-condition system. Each room in the hotel has a private bathroom, and the hotel provides free toiletries to the guests. The hotel serves breakfast and dinner prepared by the local chefs. The best part of the hotel is that it is located near many tourist attractions so you can easily explore the city. Hotel Al Mamoun is two minutes’ walk away from the tram station.

  1. Hotel Ennasma, Casablanca:

It is located in the city center ten minutes away from the Hassan II mosque. It is not a big hotel as it has only 24 rooms, but it is perfect for those who want to explore the hidden paradise in the city on a budget. The rooms in the hotel are air-conditioned and free internet is provided to the guests. Also, there is an exchange in the hotel so that the guests can change their money.

  1. Hôtel Du Louvre Casablanca:

If you are searching for a moderate hotel near the beach, then hotel Du Louvre is the best place. It is located near the Ain Diab beach. You can walk on foot from the hotel to the beach. It offers comfortable rooms with private toilets. Do not worry about toiletries as they are provided by the hotel. A free Wi-Fi facility is available in the hotel.

  1. Hotel Volubilis Casablanca:

It is a two-star hotel that provides accommodation to visitors at a cheap rate. All the rooms have TV and shower facilities for the guests. Do you need the internet? A free Wi-Fi is available to the guests in common areas of the hotel. It is located within the city center and offers free parking too. It is a great place to stay in when you don’t have enough money to get a room in a 5-star hotel.

  1. Hotel Central Casablanca:

It is a hotel that is located in Medina. The best part of the hotel central Casablanca is that it is near all the popular tourist attractions in the city. The hotel has a big terrace too where you can enjoy the view. You can spend some time in the room balcony and enjoy the port view.

Final verdict:

There are many hotels in Casablanca that provide accommodation to the tourists at a fair price. You can get a room in a luxury hotel if you want. But if you want to save some bucks to spend while traveling, then choose a cheap hotel. But make sure that the hotel you pick provides all the necessary services. If the rooms are not comfortable or the staff is not cooperative, then you would not be able to enjoy your trip.

Casablanca is an industrial city and one of the most important ports in the region. So, there are a lot of things to do in the city. If you have information about the city, the places to visit, how to travel within the city and places to stay in, then your trip would be memorable. You should be careful as it is a crowded city. It is better not to take much cash along with exploring the city. If you need money, there are ATMs and banks almost everywhere.