Is the TikTok app paid or free?

TikTok is the most downloaded and most used app by the young people. On TikTok, one of its most-loved features is undoubtedly the ease of use, simply download the app on your device and start using it. But there is often a further doubt: is TikTok paid? And what does the platform earn? Let’s find out together.

The TikTok app is not paid.

You got it right, to download and start using the application, you will not be asked for any contribution, and you can immediately proceed to the fun phase and immediately start watching hundreds of videos. The fact that it is free, and it is not a big surprise: gratuity is a mechanism common to all social media that need a large audience for their success. TikTok app is based on video creators, but without the huge amount of visitors and spectators, it would not have any success. So the app is free of necessity. Now we know it. However, like any social platform, TikTok must also have revenues that allow it to maintain a sustainable system, so let’s find what are the platform’s earning methods?

As often happens in the world of social media, free platforms do not stop at the main method, but activate different sources of income; for TikTok, the main ones are:

  • advertising on the platform
  • sponsorship of challenges and content by brands
  • branded masks and lenses
  • In-app purchases of Premium content and coins to be used within the platform.

Coins, purchases, and advertisements on TikTok

As we mentioned above, TikTok is not paid. It is true because there is no need to purchase it from the store to download and start using the app. However, we must not forget that you need to grab the attention of the users to make your content more visible. Getting more attention is as easy as you think. You need to advertise your brand or profile, TikTok fans, or pay for influencer marketing.

In addition, even premium content is designed to be captivating and generate the need for users, relying on psychological and social mechanics often obscure to us. And soon, you may find yourself having just purchased that content to create better videos.

Coins, then, are a real currency that can be purchased with real money and can then be used within social media.

Is TikTok really free?

In short, the point is that even when it comes to free social platforms, often, in reality, they are free only in appearance. Let’s ask the question again: is TikTok free? The answer depends on how much importance you give not only to money but also to new exchange goods, such as attention and your time. If you want to save time, the best solution is to climb the social top with buying TikTok views and followers immediately. If you don’t spend money, then you need a good marketing strategy to enjoy the stardom on social media. Of course, it can take ages to get more views and loyal followers.