How OYO is Leading a New Hotel Business Model?

OYO is an Indian hotel chain founded in 2013 by its Chief Operating Officer, Abhinav Sinha. It has a concept of “low cost” accommodation, which has allowed it to grow to the point of being the largest hotel business in South Asia and the most spectacular growth worldwide.

Imagine this panorama: you finally have a vacation from your work and decide to take a few days off in your favorite city, where you should look for accommodation.

However, those hotels that are close to the places you want to visit are very expensive per night, and those cheaper hotels are poorly located and also doubts of their quality and performance to make you have a good time.

OYO detected a need in travelers for a unique value proposition that would be of quality, affordable and generate confidence so that they did not have to choose between location, price and quality, when looking for where to stay.

So this business set a very clear objective: to make an improvement in real estate assets in order to provide all travelers around the world with an unforgettable quality experience.

That is why this chain is called OYO Hotels & Homes, as it is not only about offering low-cost hotels, but also homes and homes.

Part of the  Inbound Marketing methodology is that it allows us to understand the importance of offering your clients a unique proposal based on their needs , once they are perfectly known, and identified as Buyer Personas .

OYO conducted an exhaustive investigation before launching its business proposal, detecting that the demand and supply of quality spaces for tourists were completely disconnected.

Therefore, its center has been to provide a solution to this problem by meeting the needs of not only travelers, but also that of independent hotels.

To date, OYO has more than 18 thousand accommodations in 800 cities and has Spain as the “key” country for its growth in the European continent. Do you want to know the secret of this growth? Continue with us!

Low Cost Hospitality in Islamabad

Spain is one of the main tourist destinations in the world. “Our value proposition and our comprehensive support services have allowed us to be global. We can say that we have achieved some success replicating, but also adapting, our model to new markets. – Abhinav Sinha, COO of OYO.

So the so-called “hostels” also known as low-cost hotels have a minimum level of development in Spain, so it is a business to explode, although this market has been increasing due to the popularity of tourist apartments and new platforms for young people like Airbnb .

In Spain, the profitability per square meter of this type of spaces could be much higher than that of conventional tourist accommodation, and that is that in hostels you pay per person and not per room.

In the words of the COO of University Town Islamabad : ” Islamabad is a market with which we are excited and in which we are working to lay a foundation .”

In addition, another aspect that could predict that this type of low cost hotels in Spain is a success is that this business model has lower limitations for its growth and expansion, since only plants and not complete buildings are needed for tourist accommodation , obtaining more opportunities for location, variety and interest.

With the rise in Spain of new hostels and hotels born from the demand of people under 35 in search of new adventures, but who need spaces that ensure quality and good location, OYO has had a new commitment to Europe.

Since last year, OYO had announced its entry into the United Kingdom with an investment of 40 million pounds , of which the presence was obtained in approximately 50 hotels with a capacity of one thousand rooms.

In the portfolio of this famous hotel chain, travelers can find different value offers under the names of OYO Rooms, OYO Townhouse, OYO Home, Silverkey, Palette Resorts, Collection O, Capital O and OYO LIFE, in order to give them These people the best stay in any city in the world.

For its part, OYO Rooms established as part of its expansion plan to Spain, setting Oriol Maresch, former Director of Development and Operations of Best Western, and Irene García, former Husa, for the development of the business in this country.

According to reports, OYO already has more than twenty hotels in this Eurozone country , Barcelona being the city with half of its hotel projects underway corresponding to hostels, pensions, hostels and tourist apartments.

How is OYO different from other competitors?

With the focus on revitalizing local businesses without seeking to replace them, and as we have already mentioned, OYO has a very clear mission: to optimize real estate assets in order to offer satisfactory experiences to guests.

To this end, they have the purpose of training the owners of small and independent hotels, because, by adding a hotel to their list, this hotel chain is in charge of analyzing it thoroughly with its technology to ensure that it meets the requirements to be part of OYO.

This technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI), which is applied to the hotels with which OYO operates. This tool allows them to manage everything that has to do with the space, such as sales channels, customer requests, reservations or finances.

As a result, you get more income and better experiences for travelers.

By ensuring a good quality, price, location, these hostels are given the possibility to improve their performance and thus compete, even with the largest, so that travelers do not have to choose between any of the three options, but they would see in a space the three characteristics they needed.

Therefore, what differentiates OYO from its competitors, is that it offers accommodation with standardized quality criteria at affordable prices, and its focus is not only travelers, but also owners.

There is support for the owners of these independent spaces to make their local businesses prosper, and that is why OYO is a key part of their process.

Finally, and from an operational perspective, what differentiates OYO from its competitors is its comprehensive support. With this model, they manage to identify strategic spaces to ensure that they enter their portfolio before others get ahead of them.


The Secret of OYO

OYO’s secret is based on the fundamental pillar of a focus on small, economical and independent hotels that many might think are not profitable for the most demanding travelers.

They took into consideration that between 80 and 90% of all hotels in the world have 100 rooms or less, and instead of discarding their main idea, they understood how to deal with this type of business in a profitable way.

OYO understands that people change, so the behaviors and needs of travelers too, so the chain has a multi-brand approach to cover, in essence, each of these needs detected.

The key, therefore, has been to revolutionize the concept of economic accommodation, from which it was detected that its segmentation was highly fragmented as many of these hotels were inherited.

Therefore, its expansion has been due to the offer they have given to the owners of these small and independent hotels of technologies and operational capabilities to compete with the large chains in order to increase their occupancy.

Keys to the rapid growth of the company


After understanding OYO’s mission and vision, the following can be identified as the keys to success for its unprecedented growth around the world:

  • OYO’s main challenge is to offer a personalized quality experience according to the needs of each guest.
  • It has a model capable of adapting to the culture and custom of each region, and so they achieve a personalized experience. So in countries like the Philippines for being characterized by having many Christian devotees, there are bibles in each of the rooms.
  • It has a comprehensive support that allows them to add strategic properties to their portfolio that meet OYO requirements in a period of time less than the competition.
  • It is fast in terms of the design and engineering of the spaces, and they have the specialized team for that.
  • Its action plan has sufficient coordination to offer customers the best experience while improving the performance of the hotels in question.
  • Its ease of standardization of services comes from a technology that offers these solutions.

Future Objectives

Having the purpose of creating quality accommodation spaces around the world, the company decided to acquire Leisure Group, a private holiday accommodation company, as they have seen in this a great growth opportunity. And in fact, they have achieved it.

With this acquisition, OYO is present in more than 24 countries, including India, China, the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to OYO, Leisure Group has a business vision similar to yours in terms of managing room rentals for tourists, so the goal is to use this as a platform to become the # 1 hotel business model in the world.

Therefore, the OYO Operating Partners Group has been created to ensure the growth of Leisure Group in Europe and other markets, in order to guarantee the benefits that can be obtained from this plan.

On the other hand, OYO has also acquired as part of its plan to offer customers a valuable platform for organizing a wedding at the destination of their choice.

In 2018 Novascotia Boutique was acquired to debut in the category of apartments with certain services, which was later called SilverKey, all with a view to growth.

Among its future objectives and in the words of the CEO of OYO Rooms, Ritesh Agarwal: “we seek to enter the 20 largest mature markets in the world. In addition, these are multipurpose markets, as is the case in China and the United Kingdom, through which we can become the largest hotel chain in the not too distant future. ”


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As Marketing Director of Sky Marketing , it is necessary to understand the new practices of those companies that are leading a new business model such as OYO.

Its key has been to focus on the needs of travelers after identifying them, and, accordingly, make a list of requirements so that certain properties can enter their portfolio.

Its technologies and integral supports have been the key for this company to be above its competitors, and its augury is that this brand becomes the number one option for tourists around the world.

Real estate marketing: 10 tips to have more qualified leads

If you find it increasingly difficult to get clients, real estate marketing in Islamabad is tough but is your ideal ally. We know that this market is very moved and competitive, it becomes very difficult to stand out from the competition including the top grossing housing society Park View City in Islamabad ; manage to stand out and have you chosen. Although every day potential customers arise wanting to move from home, buy one or sell where they are; It is also difficult to win the trust from the start and make a great investment through you; because yes, for many it is the most important investment of his life.

That is why before taking that important step, it is informed through online media, where to invest and how to do it. That is why it is important to generate qualified leads to your website.

  • Meet your ideal buyer.

This is one of the most important steps in marketing, knowing who you are going to sell; and it’s not about knowing him physically or personally, but in a general way. Research what are your habits, tastes, sex, purchasing power, etc.

In this way you can have a message both in person and in your online channels adjusted to that ideal client; but remember, you must listen to it, understand its needs and offer the help it needs; That is the secret to customer loyalty.

  • Optimize your website

One of the most common mistakes of the real estate agent or an online real estate agent is not having your website optimized, and this is key to appear in the search engines.

SEO optimization, a fast charge and that is adapted to mobile phones is essential for you to be taken into account in online searches. Yes already! You must place many photos to show the available properties; But the web design must be light and the images are optimized in terms of quality, weight and SEO.

  • Attract traffic

There are several channels for the generation of leads to your website, and, is that with a real estate marketing strategy; You can execute a plan to take them from those channels to your website.

For example: in an organic way you can attract potential customers from your social networks.

And in a paid way with ad campaigns on AdWords, Facebook and Instagram you attract visits to your page, promoting a new real estate project.

  • Post to your blog.

The best way to become a reference in the real estate market is through a blog. How to do it? Well, planning the content you can share with your audience.

Remember all the questions that customers ask you when you attend them and the problems that arise. Help them solve them, teach them how to make a good investment through the content of your blog .

And we all like to have that helping hand when we need it. This is one of the best ways to get qualified leads for your website

  • Use landing page.  

If you are going to promote that spectacular real estate project that you are selling; It is better to do it through a landing page where you expose all the sales information of the project and others help you get contacts.

You can also create downloadable content, real estate credit consulting, personalized advice on housing needs; in short, many content options or useful information for your potential clients that will help you to increase your contact list; which of course you will then become leads for the website.

  • Qualified Leads

Once you get contacts through your real estate marketing strategy you must classify these leads according to your needs and where it is in the sales funnel.

In this way, you can then make use of e-mail marketing by bringing content adjusted to what you need at that time; This way it will be safer that you value the information because you will feel that it is addressed to him.

  • Customer loyalty.

A happy client that you have helped him in the whole process of buying or selling your property will be a loyal customer to your business, so it is important to create a link during the process of selection and purchase of the property.

Help him in everything you can, always give more than requested and so you will see the list of loyal customers grow, who will run to you as soon as they have a real estate need.

You can also apply this with your leads, loyalty them with useful information at all times, you will see that they will think of you when they go shopping.

  • Apply inbound marketing.  

This methodology is ideal to enhance your online or physical real estate at a lower cost, we know that using conventional advertising such as: radio, flyers, television, magazines, etc. is much more expensive and does not offer visible results.

While applying this methodology you achieve a greater generation of leads through educational content, you can create authority in the real estate market and rate the leads according to the stage of attraction, conversion, closing and delight.

It also helps you with the ROI, making it cheaper to get each lead.

  • Offer quality content .

Do you want to get information about your potential customers and then contact them? Offer useful and downloadable content in exchange for your email, phone, etc.

This is one of the best ways to create a contact with those interested in your services, and that is to offer you an e-book, report, guide, etc; To help you either choose your next home or make the best real estate investment of your life, without a doubt you will become your real estate reference.

  • Monitor and analyze.

The best of all the online investment you make is that you can measure and analyze; So you can know if the efforts of your real estate marketing strategy are working.

Therefore, constantly and periodically monitoring the results that are obtained, helps you check if you need to make some changes in the strategy or on the contrary you are on the right track.

In summary.

If you are a real estate agent or you have a real estate agent and you want a greater generation of leads on your website, it is important to have a strategy designed for this purpose, our tips are based on it, you can not go lightly posting on all channels online trying to appear. In addition, you must have an expert team; Either be a marketing agency or look for qualified personnel for your company; To help you create a digital image and grow in the online environment by applying marketing of real estate Pakistan , adjusted to your business and your target audience.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

The aim of Capital Smart City Islamabad is to fulfill the requirements of smart and contemporary living. In this aspect, FDHL has planned to construct a futuristic home scheme on M-2 motorway near Thaliyan interchange and at a few distance away from the new airport Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Owners:

The companies responsible for introducing this mega housing project are Future Development holdings Private Limited and Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Ltd. FDHL and Habib Rafiq are the well-known real estate developers in Pakistan. Both the sister companies enjoy a good reputation of being the pioneers of high-quality development and have proved their skills in developing the top of line housing projects including Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad.

This project is not just developed by FDHL and Habib Rafiq but is also owned by them. Earlier the groups launched a housing scheme namely Royal Orchard in Multan and Sargodha, both these residential projects have been a success. Capital Smart City is planned to be their most unique and special housing project to be launched on a mega scale.

Master Planners and Designers:

Surbana Jurong,a multi-million designer firm stationed in Singapore is hired for the master planning of Capital Smart City Islamabad. The master plan of the society incorporates residential plots, commercial plots, Farmhouses,Villas and a whole lot more in the design. The project is designed with the intent to bring futuristically and up to date housing options in Pakistan so that individuals are able to enjoy global standards of living in Pakistan so that they don’t have to travel to developed countries go enjoy these facilities.


Capital Smart City is situated near Thalian interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway at only a few minutes away from the International airport. It’s located only 5 minutes from the CPEC route and 10 mins away from the zero point Islamabad. This society will also get access from the Ring Road which will connect Rawat area to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This road will not only cut the traveling distance between the cities but will also give access to housing societies like Blue World City, Al-Haram City, University Town, and Capital Smart City. This commute is assembled for the feasibility of individuals so that they don’t get stuck in the heavy traffic on Mall Road Rawalpindi and can reach New Islamabad Airport from far off areas in the shortest distance.

This project is also allotted its dedicated interchange approved by the National Highway Authority, no other housing scheme in the same region has gotten this privilege.

Theory of Capital Smart City:

The concept of this innovative project is to provide an upscale and modern community in Pakistan so that the residents of this project can enjoy luxuries matching global standards. This housing project is the first Smart City in Pakistan showcasing the most charismatic ways of life.


Each district of the project comprises of the distinctive and smart features that make this project an exceptional venture in Pakistan. Characteristics of the magnificent plan are as follows:

Additional Characteristics of Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City is not only focused on the residential zone but has also extremely alluring commercial prospects area that holds great attraction to international investors and businesses. The project contributes to the economy of the region by creating many opportunities and jobs in every sector for the well-being of the people in the country. The financial square in the project will soon become the biggest economic hub in the region with the head offices of all the major corporations in the country.

The residential project is designed with a vision to provide the most comfortable and innovative living which includes facilities like, its own internal transport system in the society called Bus Rapid Transport (BRT system). The occupants of these smart houses will the ability to control their whole house remotely from their smartphones and a variety of smart apps will make life much easier for the inhabitants. The housing project will also facilitate a Holiday Park, Crystal Lake, a specially designed 18-course golf course, race tracks, gardens, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, Smart Homes, Shangrila Hotels & resorts, shopping malls, and 3-D IMAX cinemas along with all the urban utilities in the project.

To conclude the project covers all the prospects to experience a comfortable and finest quality of life. FDHL has built this project to revolutionize the concept of housing societies in Pakistan, far long gone are the days when the only provisions considered were the basic amenities of life. In order to compete with the rest of the world, it has become essential to move past basic and step into the new millennia and improve the quality of life for the residents.

The project has been designed to create newer and improved resilient societal infrastructure. The society is located at an easy and accessible route with the most peaceful and eco-friendly environment perfect for raising a family. The plots offered in society are available in all sizes and categories and that too at affordable prices. The project does not only increases the value of the area that is included in its area but also the value of the area surrounding it.

The project is designed on the principles of smart technologies and has its own self-generating power and water plant along with an automated sewerage disposal system to make this project free of all the problems. The housing project not only facilitates the elite class but also belonging to all the sects of society and life.

Sky Marketing is the authorized dealers of Capital Smart City and also deals in the best real estate projects in Islamabad and Peshawar including Park View City Islamabad, Faisal Hills, and Bahria Town Peshawar.