Capital Smart City Islamabad

The aim of Capital Smart City Islamabad is to fulfill the requirements of smart and contemporary living. In this aspect, FDHL has planned to construct a futuristic home scheme on M-2 motorway near Thaliyan interchange and at a few distance away from the new airport Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Owners:

The companies responsible for introducing this mega housing project are Future Development holdings Private Limited and Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Ltd. FDHL and Habib Rafiq are the well-known real estate developers in Pakistan. Both the sister companies enjoy a good reputation of being the pioneers of high-quality development and have proved their skills in developing the top of line housing projects including Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad.

This project is not just developed by FDHL and Habib Rafiq but is also owned by them. Earlier the groups launched a housing scheme namely Royal Orchard in Multan and Sargodha, both these residential projects have been a success. Capital Smart City is planned to be their most unique and special housing project to be launched on a mega scale.

Master Planners and Designers:

Surbana Jurong,a multi-million designer firm stationed in Singapore is hired for the master planning of Capital Smart City Islamabad. The master plan of the society incorporates residential plots, commercial plots, Farmhouses,Villas and a whole lot more in the design. The project is designed with the intent to bring futuristically and up to date housing options in Pakistan so that individuals are able to enjoy global standards of living in Pakistan so that they don’t have to travel to developed countries go enjoy these facilities.


Capital Smart City is situated near Thalian interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway at only a few minutes away from the International airport. It’s located only 5 minutes from the CPEC route and 10 mins away from the zero point Islamabad. This society will also get access from the Ring Road which will connect Rawat area to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This road will not only cut the traveling distance between the cities but will also give access to housing societies like Blue World City, Al-Haram City, University Town, and Capital Smart City. This commute is assembled for the feasibility of individuals so that they don’t get stuck in the heavy traffic on Mall Road Rawalpindi and can reach New Islamabad Airport from far off areas in the shortest distance.

This project is also allotted its dedicated interchange approved by the National Highway Authority, no other housing scheme in the same region has gotten this privilege.

Theory of Capital Smart City:

The concept of this innovative project is to provide an upscale and modern community in Pakistan so that the residents of this project can enjoy luxuries matching global standards. This housing project is the first Smart City in Pakistan showcasing the most charismatic ways of life.


Each district of the project comprises of the distinctive and smart features that make this project an exceptional venture in Pakistan. Characteristics of the magnificent plan are as follows:

Additional Characteristics of Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City is not only focused on the residential zone but has also extremely alluring commercial prospects area that holds great attraction to international investors and businesses. The project contributes to the economy of the region by creating many opportunities and jobs in every sector for the well-being of the people in the country. The financial square in the project will soon become the biggest economic hub in the region with the head offices of all the major corporations in the country.

The residential project is designed with a vision to provide the most comfortable and innovative living which includes facilities like, its own internal transport system in the society called Bus Rapid Transport (BRT system). The occupants of these smart houses will the ability to control their whole house remotely from their smartphones and a variety of smart apps will make life much easier for the inhabitants. The housing project will also facilitate a Holiday Park, Crystal Lake, a specially designed 18-course golf course, race tracks, gardens, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts, Smart Homes, Shangrila Hotels & resorts, shopping malls, and 3-D IMAX cinemas along with all the urban utilities in the project.

To conclude the project covers all the prospects to experience a comfortable and finest quality of life. FDHL has built this project to revolutionize the concept of housing societies in Pakistan, far long gone are the days when the only provisions considered were the basic amenities of life. In order to compete with the rest of the world, it has become essential to move past basic and step into the new millennia and improve the quality of life for the residents.

The project has been designed to create newer and improved resilient societal infrastructure. The society is located at an easy and accessible route with the most peaceful and eco-friendly environment perfect for raising a family. The plots offered in society are available in all sizes and categories and that too at affordable prices. The project does not only increases the value of the area that is included in its area but also the value of the area surrounding it.

The project is designed on the principles of smart technologies and has its own self-generating power and water plant along with an automated sewerage disposal system to make this project free of all the problems. The housing project not only facilitates the elite class but also belonging to all the sects of society and life.

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