Counting how much Bandwidth you need (quick hints )?

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Projecting your web site bandwidth plan is a job whose.The rule of thumb to stop yourself Limitation errors is to better choose a hosting plan that is a lot greater (over-sized) than intended expectations than to proceed with a one that is fixated on too much realistic data but seriously down-sized.

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Here are tips on how to perform an adequate decision on how Much bandwidth (what kind of hosting strategy ) its best to buy for your website.


* Read Visits hourly, daily statistics, read As many and differentiated channel Website accessibility (See ) data as you could!


Also read statistics Last 6 weeks data and assessing last 1 year data (if your site is up for that time already) is a very good practice to help you understand more about your website.


* Use a shell / perl script to the Most Important and Tiniest downloadable files and webpages on your site (that are ordinarily accessed) — The script could parse Web server access log files and generate some predefined criteria statistics.


* Understand approximate amount of pageviews a particular Visitor does to your website


* Always purchase at least 2 to 4 times more bandwidth than Site really use monthly


* Check out at least 2 to 4 times a week for any Alerts / warning / error messages.


* Never ever skip to see emails delivered by your own Hosting Provider (make the custom to transfer such emails into a separate folder under your webmail (you can create an easy email filter to


* If your site is currently running on Linux VPS server use Something as tool to determine the I/O network data that stream to your Virtual Network Card Interface.


Always move emails from Hosting Provider into a email Directory for your goal, that way you may miss the HP mails, between the heaps of other work mails you get just because you thought of studying the email but forget too).


An Helpful tool that can help you to Figure the right


You can also try to utilize a sample required formula that is Bandwidth Such as:


Alleged hosting bandwidth demanded (AHBR) = Avarage Number Of pageviews (ANP) [ multipled by] Avarage Accessed Page Size (AACP) [ multiplied by] Avarage Number of daily traffic


Composed in a form the Bandwidth Limitation (calculate) is:




There Are a Number of Other factors Webserver to achieve maximum functionality that is Bandwidth. By way of example if your website has been targetting the American E-market, its very best practice to choose as a hosting supplier an American for example NameCheap or iPage, because your site is largely going to be visited from America continent (Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, Columbians etc.). traffic routed through Internet Provider servers and also will impact the bandwidth performance radically.

Another good idea if you want to prevent your site partially From bandwidth limit exceeded 509 mistake is to configure the site’s hostname (DNS records) to to stage to Cloudflare CND.

That would make your internet hosting website provider webserver IP not to be directly visible by a simple DNS requests (automatically done by Browser once you type the URL of your website in it) instead when your Domain-Name-URL. Com becomes solved you’ll end up seeing the CDN configured to Utilize Server Load Balancing is provided by cloudFlare and will prevent your site from A number of those automated script hacking Denial of Service in addition to efforts (DdoS) strikes.